Organizing Services

Organizing/Event Planning/Interior Decorating

Little Forest Design is a family owned and operated professional organizing company. We strive to offer personalized assistance with organizing your family, home and work life. Accomplishing these goals will be done in a way that streamlines your day and allows all aspects of your life to integrate cohesively. Home is our starting and finishing point each day, it sets our frame of mind for the day and it’s where we go to retreat from all of the stresses we encounter over the course of the day. If there is a feeling of dread or a feeling of being overwhelmed by what waits for us at home then it creates a ripple effect into other aspects of our life. Home is one of the most important relationships that we are involved in, and yet it’s care is so often over looked. We should think of home as a person – a member of the family – that protects, cares and nurtures us. But, like all relationships, we most give back in order for that relationship to be healthy and grow over time.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Our homes should encompass everything that we love and cherish, whether it’s our family, our collection of clocks, or better yet, our collection of shoes.

Little Forest Design understands the meaning and importance of family and the relationships that go hand and hand with that title. We work side by side with our clients to find a functional, fluent, and unique way to revive the relationship between you and your home by teaching you, or even reminding you, how to give the same care and nutriment back to your home.

We achieve these goals by creating a time management plan which will streamline and simplify your day. This will include learning the art of making list and maintaining family calendars, budgeting and meal planning, chore scheduling and, most importantly, learning creative ways to file, store and organize items in your home.

The process will start with an initial consultation at your home. It will include a complete walk-through of your home focusing on your individual needs, your goals for your home and coming up with a cohesive plan to achieve them.

Once the walk-through is complete, our next step will be to execute the plan that we came up with together. This step is by far the most important. We do not come in and simply do all of the organizing for you, we actually teach you how to put new methods into place to continue to make the most of your home and time. With this process there will be purging, I like to think of it as a refreshing release of the clutter that holds you down with an uplifting look to the future. I know…I know…easier said than done, but find comfort in the fact that if you took the first step to seek out help then that alone will be motivation to see things through. The final part of the plan is stepping back and letting you take everything you learned and put it into action. But fear not, we will only be a phone call or email away and after 30 days we will come back for a final home consultation to see how things are working and if any changes need to be made to better suit your needs.

Along with organizing we can assist with event planning. This can include organizing before an event, decorating for the event, space planning, table settings and assisting with a menu for your guest.

If you are simply in need of help with putting the finishing touches on you home, we can also help with that. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a paint color, furnish a room or find the right accessories to complete a space; especially while trying to keep in mind storage needs or size limitations, but we can come in with fresh eyes and ideas to help create the design you have been looking for.


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