Dawn is the perfect transition. It’s inevitable, it’s anticipated, it’s the start of a new day. Dawn is like a goodnight kiss, the perfect end to an amazing night. It doesn’t last long but the effects are breath taking and the memory can last a lifetime. It’s the goodnight kiss that is so perfect you know that will evolve into something new…the beginning of a new day, a new memory…something new.


Saturn’s Return

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Happy cosmic New Year! Thursday’s new moon in Virgo hits the reset button on your life. What’s happened in the past is behind you. Beyond gleaning the important lessons, it’s time to stop dwelling. Map out your wishes for the next six months and make a vision board. These dreams will manifest by the corresponding full moon next March 15.

This was my horoscope for today. This basically sums up my mentality for the past 2 weeks. As I looked for jobs, chose my classes for the semester and thought about the future of my relationships, looking to the future as been my underlining goal. This might be the first time that I have given thought to my future and have done everything I feel necessary to accomplish my goals.

You never really learn how young 30 is until it hits you.You also don’t realize how fast it comes until it hits you, but then you realize you still have your entire life ahead of you. I read a quote today that said you get 2 lives, the first one ends once you realize you only have one life. I think that is the point that you hit when you become 30.  Much of my 20’s were spend drunk, high and ultimately happy, but unfortunately little action was taken to set me up for 30. That isn’t to say that I didn’t think about my future, because it seems my goals are basically the same, I just can’t say that I did much to pursue those goals. Taking that time off is a blessing and a curse, it allows you to be carefree, to live life to the fullest and do a lot of things you probably will never get the chance to do; on the flip side you are hit with the pressure of turning 30.  Now again, that doesn’t mean that our 30’s will be a bore…it just means that we now have a sense of direction, a purpose and goals to achieve. Our 30’s will be exciting because this might be the time of our life when we accomplish the most.

The 30’s can be our peak and we can choose to plateau or let it all go downhill.

True Love

“Love is there until it’s not.”

This statement can be applied to so many things. It can trigger memories of your first love, that summer dress you knew was a little to small but you just had to have it or that single chair you got from a yard sale and have so patiently waited for a partner to accompany it or even a cute side table. When it comes to our home or our life in general we have to be careful of the things that we bring in. We have to be sure that there is not doubt and that there is truly a connection for whatever is in question. I mean a connection like you drive halfway home and have to turn around because you know that you would not be able to sleep without it.

Much like you share your home with the people you love most the same should be the case for your furniture, pictures or anything else. Some of my favorite things were less than $10 the most expensive being $60. It’s hard because filling a home with the things that you absolutely love takes time. It’s also about always being open but more importantly knowing and understanding your style and needs. The last thing you want to do is to settle for something that you are not in love with and have to figure out what to with it as time goes by. Many of my favorite spaces on the internet have so much thought put into them, the theme is personal and so very far from a display room at Ikea (not knocking Ikea…I love that place). Designing your space is about being yourself, it’s a outward display of who you are much like the clothes you wear.

And when time goes by and you feel hopeless and frustrated…just remember…Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Happy Hunting


That awkward moment when you realize the only thing you’ve given yourself the power to change is your hair style. Changing as a person take far more follow through. Like most things it can and should be planned. Goals should be set in the order of their importance and how likely they are to be achieved. 

Your Dreams Have Expiration Dates

The only thing standing in your way could very well be you…

Thought Catalog

When I was younger, one of the things I wanted to become was a pro athlete, a sprinter, to be exact. It wasn’t a far-fetched dream either; I was pretty fast. But I got slower, and I got less motivated, and I had other interests. Sooner or later, it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen. My dream of being a sprinter had an expiration date, and expire it did.

I am admittedly one of those painfully hopeful people who believe that you should never give up on something that you really want. I think that far too many people go to the grave with regrets from not pursuing their dreams. It’s not that I believe that pursuing dreams will guarantee that they will come to fruition; I don’t. I simply believe that that giving your dream everything you’ve got is the only way to truly live with yourself.

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Thinking about it…my last post is connected to this post. All of the things that we desire now is all man made. The need for wealth, beauty, status, etc. When we created the civilization that we live in along with the many temples and pyramids that were built, we also built the divide in the classes. Instead of approaching each job as being equally important to the growth of a nation we created a hierarchy, which to this day, causes us much suffering and unease. We have become attached to the materialistic nature of everything instead of the need to contribute to society. We always need more to feel that we are better than the next.

When I design, yes for somethings aesthetics plays a role but I wish to design for functionality and good design. If you have a slew of baskets in your house, have them because they have a function or because you LOVE them and they mean something to you not just because they are pretty or trendy.   


Okay, I got a little of track with that last rant. Happiness is about the absence of suffering and usually that suffering comes from our attachment to one thing or another and the absence of that thing in our lives. 


Becoming unplugged from the matrix is partically about becoming detached from the materialistic nature of the society that we live in.


I read a really good blog post about monogamy, the history of marriage and possession and how it’s becoming out of place. In a time of nomads, before the idea of colonization, we as a species traveled together as basically one large family. With only having each other to depend on to survive; there was no need to go off on your own as a smaller family unit. To quote a Brave New World “Everyone belongs to everyone else.”

Once we began to colonize, staying stationary and growing as a people, structure was incorporated and a sense of status. From here we completely changed how we naturally lived. Because colonies were so small possession was a necessary evil. The need to know your offspring belonged to you, and need to live comfortably like that of royalty. 

Now, as we overpopulate this world there are so many people out there. So many people that share so many of the same interest, morals and beliefs. We no longer have the need for monogamy. We live in a world were it’s okay to be a single parent and if you have a strong support system you still aren’t completely a single parent. 


Monogamy is not a must any more but an option that someone may or may not choose. It should no longer be viewed as the standard because It’s no longer essential for the growth of our society(if it ever really was)…we have actually out grown the idea.