I read a really good blog post about monogamy, the history of marriage and possession and how it’s becoming out of place. In a time of nomads, before the idea of colonization, we as a species traveled together as basically one large family. With only having each other to depend on to survive; there was no need to go off on your own as a smaller family unit. To quote a Brave New World “Everyone belongs to everyone else.”

Once we began to colonize, staying stationary and growing as a people, structure was incorporated and a sense of status. From here we completely changed how we naturally lived. Because colonies were so small possession was a necessary evil. The need to know your offspring belonged to you, and need to live comfortably like that of royalty. 

Now, as we overpopulate this world there are so many people out there. So many people that share so many of the same interest, morals and beliefs. We no longer have the need for monogamy. We live in a world were it’s okay to be a single parent and if you have a strong support system you still aren’t completely a single parent. 


Monogamy is not a must any more but an option that someone may or may not choose. It should no longer be viewed as the standard because It’s no longer essential for the growth of our society(if it ever really was)…we have actually out grown the idea.


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