Thinking about it…my last post is connected to this post. All of the things that we desire now is all man made. The need for wealth, beauty, status, etc. When we created the civilization that we live in along with the many temples and pyramids that were built, we also built the divide in the classes. Instead of approaching each job as being equally important to the growth of a nation we created a hierarchy, which to this day, causes us much suffering and unease. We have become attached to the materialistic nature of everything instead of the need to contribute to society. We always need more to feel that we are better than the next.

When I design, yes for somethings aesthetics plays a role but I wish to design for functionality and good design. If you have a slew of baskets in your house, have them because they have a function or because you LOVE them and they mean something to you not just because they are pretty or trendy.   


Okay, I got a little of track with that last rant. Happiness is about the absence of suffering and usually that suffering comes from our attachment to one thing or another and the absence of that thing in our lives. 


Becoming unplugged from the matrix is partically about becoming detached from the materialistic nature of the society that we live in.


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