“Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness” – Jean Vanier

It has been 5 months since my last post and I have learned more about life in that time than I have in the past 30 years. Honestly, growth has taken place over the past 2 to 3 years at a very rapid rate. I have learned to acknowledge and accept my weaknesses and from there I am learning to be a better person. I do not believe that one can learn to be a better person if he or she holds on to the mistakes that were once made. Those mistakes serve as a reminder of the person you once were and not the person that you wish to become. These events or lessons rather, have to become apart of my story, my history, and what makes me who I am. As I branch out and learn more about people; I learn that this is the case for many.

I began writing this blog to speak about the organization of life and home. I hoped that my story would help others to not feel so alone as they go through the life changes that I am going through now. One of the things that I have learned is that organization starts internally. The turmoil within has to be subdued so that organization can be outwardly displayed and more importantly, before if can be shared and passed along. My life has been a whirlwind of thoughts, ideas, doubts and questions; all of which I feel a strong urgency to answer and figure out. I don’t think that I have ever really been alone and because of that I have never been forced to figure things out on my own. I have come to believe that it is almost impossible to follow a path or even create a path with so much uncertainty. As I think about it; I am sure that I am not having any type of epiphany that hasn’t been had before, which is what makes this all so hard. It has all made me question why this has taken me so long to figure out. But to my relief, I am learning that this is all apart of life and to judge this experience against someone else’s dulls the experience and hides the true lesson. I have read that being able to relate to others and have others relate to you is an essential part of happiness. When people think about others and what they are going through, it should only be to relate to them and even empathize.

Life’s experiences are unique to each and everyone of us. I felt like I was playing catch up but as time went by I realized that it doesn’t matter. As long as we learn and make changes, even if it takes the lost of something or someone you love or gaining the same thing; it is a necessary event to get you where you are.

I wish that I would have finished this post the night that I began it, but even a few days later I am happy with my message. I am excited and motivated by the progress I have made so far and I anticipate my future and the future of my family.