“It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.” – Aesop

What a day! I realize now that whenever I leave the house with the boys, I’m that much more tired in the evenings then if we spent the day in the house. I didn’t get much done today in terms of going to the market or getting a new tank for spike, buuuuut I found where I am getting ALL of our furniture when we buy a house. Can you say mid-century modern heaven!!! This thrift store was incredible, I actually think that thrift store is the wrong term for this place. Let’s call it a reasonably priced collection of relics.

The name of the store is Ryan’s Relics. They now have two locations on Belair Rd. The first location had a little bit of everything; old magazines, jewelry, furniture and dishes, while the second location was strictly furniture. On my way home I was kicking myself for not taking pictures…ugh!!! Words can not describe the sights that I saw. Oh well, while we were on that side of town we stopped at ikea. Actually, our primary goal was to go to ikea, Ryan’s Relics was an added bonus. Anyway, i got to price more glasses on our friend’s wedding. I also got this cool turquoise hanging lamp from the as-is section. The as-is section is one of my main reasons for going to ikea!


That’s okay, I will be back Ryan’s Relics…and with a very large vehicle.


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