“Sanctuary, on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of our soul.”-Christopher Forrest McDowell

Last night as I whisked my little man back into his own bed, I thought about a conversation I had with the hubby about the sanctity of our bedroom. It’s something that I never thought about until recently; when the need for a place to retreat became a must. I mean as a kid I never actually thought about what my parents did in their room, they were old, I figured they just slept and watched TV. Even in our apartments pre-babies the bedroom was where we went to sleep. For my husband and I now, it’s the place that takes us back to pre-babies condensed into one room. It’s the place where we can go to be adults; no sippee cups, toys or diapers.

As I thought about what I wanted my next post to be about I did some research on the internets. Googling sex as new parents gets you some pretty run of the mill stuff; have sex anywhere, date nights are key, don’t wait until bedtime and you don’t have to always close the deal to get the juices flowing. Now I totally approve of all of these suggestions; I mean who can say no to sex in the kitchen or those lucky enough to have a garage or a quiet street, sex in the car. I just want to add sex in the bedroom. Not just any bedroom, but one designed just for you and your significant other, it’s like leaving home and going to an hotel. That is where the design comes in. Now that I have been focusing on our bedroom the feel of an hotel is what I keep in the back of my mind. Combining and adult retreat with still being parents and still, on occasion, sharing our bedroom.

On instagram I follow decor8, she posted a picture from somewhere over seas, but the color palette was mint green, chocolate brown and white. It immediately made me think of my husband and his love of mint chocolate chip ice cream. My theory on design is that it has to be about more than just strategically places pretty things around your home. There should be thought and feeling incorporated into each piece and every design idea.

When complete, our bedroom will be a place where we can reconnect, have lots of sex and have an unnatural need to eat ice cream, both a good and bad thing.


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